Outsourced Mission Critical Hosting

Metal Dedicated Security

Our basic service is web hosting, we provide dedicated hosting solutions with extreme durability against service interruptions such as H/W failure, Disasters, DoS Raids and Hacking Attacks.

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Business Line

Major Solutions for Fat web

Our main clients are government-related departments and organizations and some major enterprise corporations around the Middle East.

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Customizable Operations

Web design for organization-specific IT needs that never fails to deliver what latest IT technology offers. Our transctive services include (but limited to): Website, Internet-Enabled IT systems, Portals, Apps, and Big Data

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What We Do?

JBLHost services glance from IT perspective

service 1

Modern Design

We Create Modern And Clean Soluations For Your Business Web Presence.

service 2

Powerfull Hosting

Metal Servers with Cisco Firewalls and CDN in Europe and Middle East.

service 3


Provide IT infrastructure For Day-To-Day Organization Transactions.

Have You Seen our Solutions?

Simply put; Here is what We Offer:

project 1

Spam Protection

FunctionPreventing Junk Emails
DateJuly 2016
S/WIn-House A.I Algorithm

We provide highly reliable solution to defend our clients mail servers against spam emails using an A.I. algorithm designed specifically for such purpose.

project 2

Windows Servers

FunctionDedicated Website and Mail Client Hosting
S/WWindows Server R2 2012

When your order new windows server, we take full resposibility of configuring, managing, and protecting your source code on 100% uptime Windows dedicated machine/cloud. All our servers run Plesk Control Panel that is free of charge

project 3

Cisco Firewalls

FunctionSecurity Management
DateJuly 2016
S/WAd Hoc Script

Hacking web applications and websites is one of the major challenges that organizations face everyday, we provide extremely secure running environment via 40-Gate Cisco firewalls that are feel Windows Firewall built-in and can be controlled as simple as the standard Windows Firewall

project 4

R1Soft Metal Servers

FunctionAutomatic bit-to-bit Backup Agent
DateJuly 2016
S/WAd Hoc Script

Life's nothing but a walking shadow, with our R1Soft Integration, you get an auto back-up operations for all your data on another dedicated server, if you are hacked? no problem you get online within 3 minutes. hackers will not even get a chance to log you as a victum

project 5


FunctionMTV Remote Anti Virus
DateDaily Update

If your business deals with lots of uploaded files, you may need to scan each uploaded by employing remote resource instead of utilizing your own server resources, thats what our Scan is all about

project 6

Web Design

FunctionBiulding Web Sites, Applications, Systems, and Services
DateJuly 2015
S/WC#, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, This is what we offer, a cutting-edge SEO-approved highly-organized web platforms, you can beat up the web metrics with!

project 7

Credit Cards

FunctionOnline Payments
DateJuly 2016

If you need to make online payments that are not supported in your country, we offer you through our partners the best solution, you will get secure web account and a MASTER CARD that you can use anywhere around the globe, we also can top up for you without any TAXES, for more information about this service please contact us on info@jblhost.net

project 8

Domain Booking

ClientDomain Name Registeration
DateJuly 2016

We sell domains at the rate 33$, our domain package includes, SEO Intialization, ICAAN Registeration, Back-Linking, Identity Protection, and Secure Certificate

project 9

Text Editor

FunctionWeb Based Text Editor
DateJuly 2016
SkillsC# / Javascript

I learned that we can do anything, that's what our SPAW License offers you, an unlimited functionality user-friendly Text Editor. You can start to produce web inline rich content with semantics support.

  • project 1


    A.I. In-House Algorithm

  • project 2


    Windows Server 2012 R2

  • project 3


    Cisco Dedicated H/W Firewalls

  • project 4


    Metal Dedicated Backup Servers

  • project 5


    Remote On-Demand Antivirus

  • project 6

    Web Design

    Responsive Data-Driven Web design

  • project 7

    Finance Service

    Get ATM, Online, and Onboard MasterCard

  • project 8

    Get WWW

    Highly Customized Domain Names

  • project 9

    On-Fly Editor

    Web-Inline Semantics-Enabled HTML Editor

Who We Are?

International Web Solutions Company in Three Countries:

team 1

IRAQ Main Office


Finance and Administration Services including Customer Relations. All transactions are GMT based timing. Office Manager: Ali Salah, Contact:


team 1

UK Office


Dedicated servers Management and Security Administration Affairs. Office Manage: S. Jones, Contact:


team 1

INDIA Office


Web Design and Big Data Management with Language Localization. Office Manager: Wisam AlBayaty, Contact:


DC Current Load


  • CDN distribution

  • Load Balance

  • MtvScan Requests Interface

  • Spam Classification Accuracy

Did You Know That:

Part of our hosting plans we offer an extremely unbeatable package of gifts including:

+ Free Web Hosting Version Plesk Panel
+ Free KasperSky 3-PC License
+ Microsoft Office [YEAR] License
+ Smarter Tools License
+ MailEnable Client License

Elegance is not the abundance of simplicity. It is the absence of complexity.

Chat with us (9:00AM-5:00PM GMT)

What Clients Say?

That's How We Get Paid Back :)

"I've worked too hard and too long to make our company infrastructure functioning correctly. With JBLHost our IT team finally can rest, they manage everything we just upload our code and next day we find it online Thank you JBL"

client 1 Musa Abdul Hussien Baghdad Oils Factory

"Recently there has been massive hacking attacks in Iraq, we had concerns about our financial transactions that normally take place through emails, the guys in jblhost assured us that we are very protected, and indeed we are, thank you Alawi"

client 2 Samir Kadhim Jaber Al-Rasheed Group

"The support team in JBLHost is extremely handy and resourceful that's the main reason we chose this company as our I.T partner, we look forward to long partnership my dear friends."

client 3 Faisal M. Naser Oman

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"


Our latest fully-managed cutting-edge servers start with following plans


  • $850.00
  • 300$ Setup Fee
  • 24/7 Support
  • 60 GB File Storage
  • 60 GB RAID Storage
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • 100 Mb NIC LAN
  • 2 GB DDR-3 RAM
  • 2.1 GHz x1 Turbo Boost Intel
  • Cisco Network and Firewall


  • $3000.00
  • Free Setup
  • 24/7 Support
  • 250 GB File Storage
  • 250 GB RAID Storage
  • 5 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 Gb NIC LAN
  • 6 GB DDR-3 RAM
  • 2.1 GHz x4 Turbo Boost Intel
  • Cisco Network and Firewall


  • $6000.00
  • Free Setup
  • 24/7 Support
  • 2 TB File Storage
  • 2 TB RAID Storage
  • 10 TB Bandwidth
  • 2 Gb NIC LAN
  • 16 GB DDR-3 RAM
  • 3.4 GHz x16 Turbo Array Intel
  • Cisco Network and Firewall

All Hosting Plans Include R1Soft Auto Backup Agent, Backup Dedicated Server (Same Rack Mount), Server Enterprise Monitoring Service, Backup Monitoring Service, Hot RAID-5 300C Controller

Payments - Arabic


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